So What is an O-Concept Store Anyway?

The Scottish band Travis once sang “what is a wonderwall anyway?” as an ode to the song of the same name by Oasis. Many people have asked us “what is an O-Concept store anyway?” so we thought this would make for a great introductory blog. O-Concept store was the brainchild of our Emirati owner Omar Bin Khediya. The original concept was to create a lifestyle store combining elements of fashion and art with the goal being to attract young and passionate designers and artists from all over the world.  At O-Concept Store you can find everything from accessories, shoes to tops, perfume, aftershave, menswear and dresses in addition to unique pieces of furniture and paintings.

At the time of writing this blog O-Concept has 29 different men’s and women’s fashion collections available, some of these being exclusive in Dubai to O-Concept.

In addition to retail items across the disciplines of fashion, art, furniture and accessories O-Concept also boasts a cafe where tired shoppers can indulge their taste buds.

So “what is an O-Concept store anyway?” well it could be original concept store, or opening concept store,  but actually it’s Omar Concept, as it was his idea, simple really.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be writing about every element of the O-Concept business to give you, the reader, a greater insight into what we are all about. From our cafe to the buying process and the designers we bring to O-Concept Store we will try to provide more details of the day-to-day operations.

Till the next time, stay original.

A look inside O-Concept Store Dubai.

Inside O-Concept Store Dubai.

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