Annalisa, Store Manager at O-Concept Store

Introducing Annalisa, Store Manager at O-Concept Store Dubai

Following on from our Q&A with O-Concept owner Omar we wanted to provide our customers (and readers) with more information about the people who work for O-Concept Store, Dubai.

In this blog we will be interviewing Annalisa, our Italian Store Manager, and finding out more about her background and her role at O-Concept Store.

Annalisa, Store Manager, O-Concept Store

Annalisa, Store Manager, O-Concept Store

Q – Which country do you come from?

A – I am from Italy.

Q – How long have you been in Dubai and what made you move here?

A – I have been living in Dubai  for 5 years and I moved here because of my husbands job.

Q – How do you find Dubai as a place to live and work?

I find Dubai an amazing place to live and work. It has an amazing atmosphere, it is safe, and the people you meet in Dubai are polite and gentle. Dubai makes you feel like you are in a new and comfortable dimension where you can enjoy luxury and simplicity at the same time. It has a lot of opportunities for those  want  to develop in business but only if you remain true to yourself and you never forget where you come from.

Q – What is your fashion industry experience? (where have you worked before, etc)

A – I worked for one of the largest fashion wholesaling companies in Italy. It is involved in the import/export, research and distribution of fashion throughout 7 showrooms in Italy and across an extensive worldwide network. This group has represented over  100 fashion brands inclusive of  Moschino, Donna Karan, Valentino, Bulemarine, Blugirl, Replay and Tara Jarmom.  They continue to scout for  new emerging designers.

 I was a buyer for the group’s flagship store which is a pioneering  concept store. It quickly became the trendiest fashion location in Milan. As a buyer my role also included the research of new designers and brands during the most famous exhibitions in Milan such as Milan fashion Week, Micam/Mipel, White, Pitti. I was also frequently travelling abroad to London and Paris to scout for new talent.

My fashion passion started when I was 15 years old. In the summer months I used to like to make fashion displays and I worked in a small boutique in the city where I  was living.

Q – How long have you worked at O-Concept Store?

A – I first heard about O-Concept in 2010 through a friend of mine who used to display his collection there,  and when I saw the place I immediately fell in love. I  initially started  by displaying a few Italian brands that I was distributing in Dubai, then in March  2011 I began to work  for  O-Concept, and it has been my honour to do so ever since.

Q – How do you select the designers we see at O-Concept Store?

A – When I select designers for O Concept I look for the passion they put in , I choose them knowing  the background, the inspiration  and I love to know the fabrics they use come from.  I like simple things with character and everything for O-Concept has to be original.

Q – We love your “look of the day” pieces on YouTube, how do you put your “looks” together?

A – I love fashion and I love elegance as much as  mixing colors together, it depends on the mood I am really.  I am also certificated as a visualiser and I combine this with my experience in the industry.

Q – What is going to be big in fashion for Ramadan  in your opinion?

A – Ramadan  is the holy month and we should not forget that is it is a very important time for many and it should be respected to the max. I feel what ‘has to be’ in fashion during Ramadan  is the simplicity and elegance which  makes you feel like the atmosphere we will breath in Ramadan.

Q – What can we expect to see at O-Concept Store for the rest of the year?

A – More casual styles with that touch of elegance ( as always). O-Concept will always carry items that tell a story about you when you wear them.  

Q – Who is hot in fashion right now in your opinion?

A – In my opinion those is in the fashion industry right now are the ones who have the courage to be his or herself. My personal quote about the fashion world is  Fashion is not about wearing it,  it’s about expressing yourself.”

Annalisa, Store Manager at O-Concept Store

Annalisa, Store Manager at O-Concept Store


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