Suzani Launches Ramadan Collection at O-Concept Store Dubai

We have another first taking place at O-Concept Store on the 1st July 2013 when ladies fashion label Suzani launches it’s new collection exclusively with us.

We will be providing a live Twitter feed on the night but in the meantime read on to discover a little bit more about the label and the designers.

The Suzani lines are designed and produced in Amman-Jordan employing the skills of local Arab women working from their own homes and workshops with our fabric that has been carefully selected from different parts of the world and combined with our designs to create a strikingly unique and beautifully finished clothes, and accessories.

The designers Zara Gailani & Dania Kurdi took inspiration from her their own eastern roots to create a brand that embodies a “unique glam” style and answers the call for ethnic elegance. Being Jordanians with Afghani and Pakistani roots ,and the eye for  authentic materials and the love for  clothes that are have a modern flare to it helped bring Suzani to life.

Their timeless lines perfectly bridge Arab, Central Asia to contemporary Western fashion. Suzani in Persian language means needlework which embodies the interest in handmade and handcrafted fabrics that interest both designers. They both love that each piece of fabric carries its own rich history and story recreated into contemporary accessories.

They both supervise the product from A-Z from design, supplying the material, production, managing their product, marketing, sales even packaging. They both enjoy their downtown shopping trips to gather material, walking through the busy crowds and listening to the music along the way and the thrill of finding material or accessories that will compliment their product is always a happy bonus. They have met few interesting people along the way, learned a lot and are enjoying the journey of it.

Suzani designers Zara and Dania

Suzani designers Zara and Dania

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