Sunboo Natural Sunglasses

Sunboo Natural Sunglasses Debut at O-Concept Store

This week O-Concept Store has taken delivery of something really cool, funky and natural in the form of Sunboo sunglasses from Italy.

Sunboo Sunglasses Italy now at O-Concept Store Dubai

Sunboo Sunglasses Italy now at O-Concept Store Dubai


The Sunboo project started in August 2012 with the desire to create a concept which mixes innovative style with the traditionalism of nature. When creating Sunboo the designers were inspired by five elements which had to be the soul of the project and the basis for the creation: material, lightness, prestige, passion and fashion freshness.

Thinking about these dimensions the “credo” of Sunboo was born.

Greener than a leaf

Lighter than a feather,

More Prestigious than an Oscar Award,

More Fashionable Than the Mona Lisa Smile,

More Passionate than a Marilyn Monroe kiss.

At O-Concept Store we love the design and feel of these back to nature sunglasses and we are sure you will too.

Sunboo Natural Sunglasses

Sunboo Natural Sunglasses

Ramadan Pop up Store at O-Concept Store, Dubai.

Ramadan Pop Up Store Event at O-Concept Store Dubai

Ramadan Pop up Store at O-Concept Store, Dubai.

Ramadan Pop up Store at O-Concept Store, Dubai.

O-Concept Store annually holds a Ramadan “Pop up Store” for designers looking to present their collections to the Dubai public.  This event focuses on up and coming designers from the United Arab Emirates plus international designers looking to get a foothold in the region.

We have traditionally had a great response from the buying public, and from designers wanting to take part, and this year will hopefully be the biggest event to date.

A number of established designers, and some excellent young designers, have already signed up for the event.  The pop up store will comprise a ladies fashion section, a men’s fashion section and an art section.  One of our regular designers, Maria Iqbal,  has confirmed that she will be taking part and will be customising bags at the event as part of our art corner.

We are also delighted to announce that Italian designer Fabrizio Giannone will be displaying his jewellery line during the pop up store. Fabrizio has an established jewellery business in Brazil, and his company produces 18,000 pieces a month.

The event will commence on the 27th July 2013 and will run until the 29th July 2013, and will open at 8pm each evening.

Whilst we are happy with the numbers of designers wanting to take place we still have places available for any other designers or artists who would like to expose their work to the Dubai public for the first time.

If you are interested to take part please contact Annalisa via email or telephone. or 04 345 5557.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible during this fashion event.