O-Concept Advice for Healthy Kids

O-Concept Chef Giuseppe’s “How to Stay Healthy During the School Days” Guide

If you’re like most parents, it is not always easy to know how to prepare a school lunch that will be healthy, tasty, inexpensive, easy to prepare, and will not be wasted.

O-Concept Advice for Healthy Kids

O-Concept Advice for Healthy Kids

I recommend that children eat fruits, vegetables and lean protein such as chicken, turkey or beans in their school lunch.

Choose foods natural and / or organic whenever possible, especially when picking fresh fruits and vegetables. There are so many natural snacks convenient nowadays, from pre-packaged baby carrots and dip crackers with natural cheese, which is easy to pack a healthy lunch that does not take a lot of time to prepare.

Use whole wheat bread, it is more nutritional and lower processed. Remove soft drinks and fruit juices. The drink has no nutritional value. And the juice, also juice 100% natural, they can be high in sugar and calories. Water and milk are the best choices. But if your kids really want the juice, try alternating between water and fruit juices, or giving them a choice of juice or dessert.

Keep it simple. Most young kids prefer plain foods. Do not add spicy or peppery: could be dangerous for their health! And be caution with salt as well.

Let your kids taste the real flavor of ingredients. A moderate seasoning or dressing should be use just to enrich the ingredient’s natural flavor and not to cover it.

Packaging of small amounts of a variety of foods in separate containers. This is not only more visually appealing to kids, it keeps food has always been soaked and can be a great way to get kids to try new foods.


  • Eliminating canned vegetables, using only fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits
  • Steamed fresh/frozen vegetables, rather than boiling vegetables, preserving more nutrients
  • Transitioning toward brown and multigrain breads, pastas, and rice




–   Two slices of bread

–   50 g of thin-sliced Smoked Tuna

–   ½ lemon juice

–   1 red mature tomato

–   Labneh cheese

–   Extra virgin olive oil

–   Oregano, salt


Spread the tuna on a plate and dress with lemon juice. Let rest in refrigerator for ten minutes.
Wash the tomatoes, cut into fairly thin slices and dress with salt and a drizzle of olive oil.
Mix with a fork the labneh cheese with some oregano and then spread it on the bread.

Add tuna and tomato slices.
Close the sandwich and enjoy it. If you prefer, you can also heat it up quickly on the hotplate.

Giuseppe Merenda

Organic Gourmet Chef

O-Concept Store Competition Winner

O-Concept Store Dubai Announces Eid Dress Competition Winner

We had a great response to our Eid dress competition and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter.  The management team at O-Concept Store sifted through all the entries and we decided the best way to pick a winner was to put all the entrants into a hat and pick one at random.

Having undertaken this process the lucky person to be chosen was Cathy Rodrigues and we would like to congratulate her at this time.  Your dress will be available to collect at O-Concept this week and we will email you with collection details.

This is the first of a series of competitions we will be running at O-Concept Store so if you did not win, better luck next time.

We look forward to seeing Cathy in her prize and we hope she enjoys wearing it.

Until next time, stay fashionable.

O-Concept Store 🙂

O-Concept Store Competition Winner

O-Concept Store Competition Winner

Ramadan Pop up Store at O-Concept Store, Dubai.

Ramadan Pop Up Store Event at O-Concept Store Dubai

Ramadan Pop up Store at O-Concept Store, Dubai.

Ramadan Pop up Store at O-Concept Store, Dubai.

O-Concept Store annually holds a Ramadan “Pop up Store” for designers looking to present their collections to the Dubai public.  This event focuses on up and coming designers from the United Arab Emirates plus international designers looking to get a foothold in the region.

We have traditionally had a great response from the buying public, and from designers wanting to take part, and this year will hopefully be the biggest event to date.

A number of established designers, and some excellent young designers, have already signed up for the event.  The pop up store will comprise a ladies fashion section, a men’s fashion section and an art section.  One of our regular designers, Maria Iqbal,  has confirmed that she will be taking part and will be customising bags at the event as part of our art corner.

We are also delighted to announce that Italian designer Fabrizio Giannone will be displaying his jewellery line during the pop up store. Fabrizio has an established jewellery business in Brazil, and his company produces 18,000 pieces a month.

The event will commence on the 27th July 2013 and will run until the 29th July 2013, and will open at 8pm each evening.

Whilst we are happy with the numbers of designers wanting to take place we still have places available for any other designers or artists who would like to expose their work to the Dubai public for the first time.

If you are interested to take part please contact Annalisa via email or telephone. oconceptdxb@gmail.com or 04 345 5557.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible during this fashion event.

An evening with Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store.

An Evening with Designers Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store

As part of our month long celebration of Emirati designers at O-Concept Store we are giving you the opportunity to meet the designers in person.  On the evening of Friday 19th July 2013 we will be hosting the creative forces from Farfalla Haute Couture and KhawlawRoadha at our store in Jumeirah 1.

The session will last for roughly one hour and will be an informal Q&A where fans of the brands, or aspiring local fashion designers, can ask fashion related questions.

This is the first of what we hope will be a regular event at O-Concept Store and we look forward to receiving many of our customers on the night.

Timing for the event is 8pm till 9pm so please ensure you arrive as early as you can after your Iftar.

Stay fashionable everyone.

An evening with Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store.

An evening with Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store.

O-Concept Emirati Designers Month.

Emirati Designers Celebrated at O-Concept Store this Ramadan

O-Concept Emirati Designers Month.

O-Concept Emirati Designers Month.

O Concept Store, Dubai’s favourite concept retailer, announced its ‘Emirati month’ to mark the holy month of Ramadan. The theme celebrates the various designers available at the boutique with special invitation extended to other Emiratis to participate in the upcoming 3-day Eid Pop Up Store event. A weekly designers’ meet up is scheduled every Friday at the boutique inviting fashionistas to meet their favourite designers and have a chance to preview their latest collection. UAE’s favourite labels KhawlaWRoadha, Farfalla, Maddeya, Al Mayassa, Khawla Bin Ali, Bint Thani and male brand Velorum will be featured throughout the month. With a diverse portfolio of designers, O Concept Store brings together styles and trends; from funky sports wear to kaftans, jalabiyas, abayas, pret a porter formal wear and men’s fashion under one roof.

“We have dedicated this Ramadan to Emirati designers; we continuously support their fashion and style spirit; this was a perfect time to attribute the true essence of Arabia, its heritage and culture. The collection showcased at the boutique is diverse; from conservative to trendy perfect for Ramadan and the festive season”, said Annalisa, Store Manager, O Concept Store.

Meet Emirati designers at O Concept every Friday from 9:30pm onwards. Scheduled for 27th to 29th July 2013, the Ramadan Pop Up Store invites all Emirati designers to one fashion destination for the ultimate Eid shopping spree.

Designer registration is now open – to participate contact O Concept, Jumeirah 1; visit www.facebook.com/OConceptstore or call :04 3455557 – open daily from 9:30am to 11pm

Madeyya Haute Couture 2013 at O-Concept Store Dubai.

Madeyya Haute Couture at O-Concept Store Dubai

As part of our Emirati designers month at O-Concept Store we have chosen 7 fashion designers from the United Arab Emirates to feature in our store in Dubai.  Our latest designer is Madeyya Al Mazrouei who created her label Madeyya Haute Couture in 2012 after obtaining a degree in fashion design from Esmod University.

Throughout her studies she participated in several fashion shows organized by the Goethe-Institut. She was selected along with other lucky designers to participate in the Berlin-Dubai Festival. The contingent travelled to Berlin to get better acquainted with and benefit from the exchange of expertise with German fashion designers.

Her latest collection is now available to buy at O-Concept Store.

Madeyya Haute Couture at O-Concept Store

Madeyya Haute Couture at O-Concept Store

Madeyya Haute Couture 2013 at O-Concept Store Dubai.

Madeyya Haute Couture 2013 at O-Concept Store Dubai.

Enjoy a TshirT and Enjoy a Competition at O-Concept Store

We have been stocking the Italian t-shirt brand “Enjoy a TshirT for a few weeks now and their quirky slogans, and quality cuts, have proven to be a hit with our Dubai clientele.

The guys at Enjoy a TshirT have now announced that they wish to run a competition during the month of July which will take place at O-Concept Store.

The basis of the competition is a raffle, with every person buying an Enjoy a TshirT before the 29th July being entered for the prize draw.  If O-Concept sells up to 25 Enjoy a TshirT products the prize will be a 500 Dhs voucher, if we sell 45 Enjoy a TshirT products the prize will be a 1000 Dhs voucher.

It’s well and truly summer now and you might be looking to add some funky t-shirts to your collection anyway.  Now you have the incentive of a 500 or 1000 Dhs voucher waiting for you as well. Buy one for yourself or for a friend but above all else Enjoy a TshirT today. 🙂

Enjoy a TshirT at O-Concept Store

Enjoy a TshirT at O-Concept Store

On-Off from Enjoy a TshirT at O-Concept Store

On-Off from Enjoy a TshirT at O-Concept Store