O-Concept Advice for Healthy Kids

O-Concept Chef Giuseppe’s “How to Stay Healthy During the School Days” Guide

If you’re like most parents, it is not always easy to know how to prepare a school lunch that will be healthy, tasty, inexpensive, easy to prepare, and will not be wasted.

O-Concept Advice for Healthy Kids

O-Concept Advice for Healthy Kids

I recommend that children eat fruits, vegetables and lean protein such as chicken, turkey or beans in their school lunch.

Choose foods natural and / or organic whenever possible, especially when picking fresh fruits and vegetables. There are so many natural snacks convenient nowadays, from pre-packaged baby carrots and dip crackers with natural cheese, which is easy to pack a healthy lunch that does not take a lot of time to prepare.

Use whole wheat bread, it is more nutritional and lower processed. Remove soft drinks and fruit juices. The drink has no nutritional value. And the juice, also juice 100% natural, they can be high in sugar and calories. Water and milk are the best choices. But if your kids really want the juice, try alternating between water and fruit juices, or giving them a choice of juice or dessert.

Keep it simple. Most young kids prefer plain foods. Do not add spicy or peppery: could be dangerous for their health! And be caution with salt as well.

Let your kids taste the real flavor of ingredients. A moderate seasoning or dressing should be use just to enrich the ingredient’s natural flavor and not to cover it.

Packaging of small amounts of a variety of foods in separate containers. This is not only more visually appealing to kids, it keeps food has always been soaked and can be a great way to get kids to try new foods.


  • Eliminating canned vegetables, using only fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits
  • Steamed fresh/frozen vegetables, rather than boiling vegetables, preserving more nutrients
  • Transitioning toward brown and multigrain breads, pastas, and rice




–   Two slices of bread

–   50 g of thin-sliced Smoked Tuna

–   ½ lemon juice

–   1 red mature tomato

–   Labneh cheese

–   Extra virgin olive oil

–   Oregano, salt


Spread the tuna on a plate and dress with lemon juice. Let rest in refrigerator for ten minutes.
Wash the tomatoes, cut into fairly thin slices and dress with salt and a drizzle of olive oil.
Mix with a fork the labneh cheese with some oregano and then spread it on the bread.

Add tuna and tomato slices.
Close the sandwich and enjoy it. If you prefer, you can also heat it up quickly on the hotplate.

Giuseppe Merenda

Organic Gourmet Chef

An evening with Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store.

An Evening with Designers Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store

As part of our month long celebration of Emirati designers at O-Concept Store we are giving you the opportunity to meet the designers in person.  On the evening of Friday 19th July 2013 we will be hosting the creative forces from Farfalla Haute Couture and KhawlawRoadha at our store in Jumeirah 1.

The session will last for roughly one hour and will be an informal Q&A where fans of the brands, or aspiring local fashion designers, can ask fashion related questions.

This is the first of what we hope will be a regular event at O-Concept Store and we look forward to receiving many of our customers on the night.

Timing for the event is 8pm till 9pm so please ensure you arrive as early as you can after your Iftar.

Stay fashionable everyone.

An evening with Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store.

An evening with Farfalla and KhawlawRoadha at O-Concept Store.

Lamli Ready To Wear Collection now Ready to Buy at O-Concept Store Dubai

O-Concept Store is delighted to announce the arrival of the Lamli ladies range.

The Lamli ready to wear label was founded in 2010 by Lamia Al Saleh (Lam) and Linda El Shami (Li).

Inspired by the comfort of the common elements of clothing such as T shirts, shirts and sweaters, the two long time friends wanted to develop these pieces further into a more feminine level of everyday chic dresses.  Taking into consideration the clean line and the perfect construction, the dresses convey the Lamli culture of simplicity, individuality, creativity and sophisticated living, with a flawless unpretentious attitude.

Lamli is a minimalist fashion clothing line that is tailored to the comfortably chic woman. Each piece is designed with room to be dressed up or dressed down reflecting your style.

Lamli is available in Toronto/Canada, Dubai/UAE and Riyadh/KSA

Lamli SS13 at O-Concept Store Dubai

Lamli SS13 at O-Concept Store Dubai


Lamli SS13 at O-Concept Store Dubai

Lamli SS13 at O-Concept Store Dubai

Suzani Launches Ramadan Collection at O-Concept Store Dubai

We have another first taking place at O-Concept Store on the 1st July 2013 when ladies fashion label Suzani launches it’s new collection exclusively with us.

We will be providing a live Twitter feed on the night but in the meantime read on to discover a little bit more about the label and the designers.

The Suzani lines are designed and produced in Amman-Jordan employing the skills of local Arab women working from their own homes and workshops with our fabric that has been carefully selected from different parts of the world and combined with our designs to create a strikingly unique and beautifully finished clothes, and accessories.

The designers Zara Gailani & Dania Kurdi took inspiration from her their own eastern roots to create a brand that embodies a “unique glam” style and answers the call for ethnic elegance. Being Jordanians with Afghani and Pakistani roots ,and the eye for  authentic materials and the love for  clothes that are have a modern flare to it helped bring Suzani to life.

Their timeless lines perfectly bridge Arab, Central Asia to contemporary Western fashion. Suzani in Persian language means needlework which embodies the interest in handmade and handcrafted fabrics that interest both designers. They both love that each piece of fabric carries its own rich history and story recreated into contemporary accessories.

They both supervise the product from A-Z from design, supplying the material, production, managing their product, marketing, sales even packaging. They both enjoy their downtown shopping trips to gather material, walking through the busy crowds and listening to the music along the way and the thrill of finding material or accessories that will compliment their product is always a happy bonus. They have met few interesting people along the way, learned a lot and are enjoying the journey of it.

Suzani designers Zara and Dania

Suzani designers Zara and Dania

Question and Answer with Omar bin Khediya – The Inspiration behind O-Concept Store Dubai

As we have only just started out with the O-Concept Store blogging platform we thought it only appropriate that we should interview our creative force and owner Omar bin Khediya. In this informal Q&A session Omar outlines the O-Concept, concept, his inspiration and some other interesting tit bits.

Omar bin Khediya

Omar bin Khediya

Q – When did you first become interested in fashion?

A –  Since I was old enough to remember I have always taken a great interest in fashion and art in all its many forms.  In my formative years I would spend hours looking through the many magazines that my family would bring home from abroad.  My father opened a fashion store when I was a child and he would take me with him and I was happy just to sit there and watch people trying on the different outfits.

Q – Your store is located in Jumeirah 1, how did you choose this particular area for your shop?

A – Jumeirah has a place in my heart as it was where I was brought up. The building where O-Concept Store is located is where our old family home used to be.

Q – Can you explain the choice of shop name?

A – I find a real beauty in the shape of the circle and its infinite nature. The “O” also represent the first letter of my name.

Q – How did you first get into the retail business?

A –  As mentioned previously my father used to own a fashion store so it was logical for me to open my own.

Q – What is the central theme of O-Concept?

A- O-Concept is a life style store where u can find items that are unique and different from other stores within Dubai.

Q – What inspired you to create O-Concept?

A – Dubai has sought to be a pioneer in so many facets of life and this inspired me to come up with a new style and concept for the way people experience shopping. I included the cafe within the same space to allow to relax and feel comfortable with their shopping experience.

Q – Your selection of merchandise ranges from skin care, art, furniture and young emerging designers. How do you put together this heterogeneous choice of objects?

A – Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city and people from different genders and ages lives here.  With this diverse demographic and the experimental nature of our customers we aim to provide as diverse a choice as possible each season.

Q – Who are the people you most admire in the fashion industry?

A – There are so many I could name but essentially I admire designers who takes chances to create something new and different.

Q – Emirati designers feature heavily at O-Concept, what do you think the future holds for the Emirati fashion business?

A – With the media and education that we have here i think Emirati fashion is going to be global very soon. Many Emiratis travel the world and experience many different cultures that they then bring back to the UAE.  Dubai has already established itself as an excellent tourist destination and shopping has become pivotal to that experience for visitors.

Q – Do you have plans to extend the store to other Emirates in the UAE?

A- Actually I have been approached to open in stores in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and even as far afield as France. I consider O-Concept to be my baby and at this stage I feel it is too early to expand.  Further to this I prefer to keep O-Concept in one location to maintain the magic and to keep it special.

Q – What are your favourite places to visit in Dubai and overseas?

A – There are too many locations overseas to mention but I always like to visit Colette in Paris and the Opening Ceremony stores in New York and Los Angeles.

Q – How do you choose to spend your time when you are not at the store?

I always make time for my family and for dinner with friends.  I also love to travel whether it be for work or pleasure.

A look inside O-Concept Store Dubai.

Inside O-Concept Store Dubai.