O Concept Store New Collections Show

New Collections are all the Fashion at O-Concept Store Dubai

We love this time of year at O-Concept Store. The weather has changed for the better and we host our annual “winter collections” show at our store in Dubai.

O Concept Store New Collections Show

O Concept Store New Collections Show

This year we have the great pleasure of presenting 14 new collections for the ladies and 3 collections for the men.  For the ladies we have sourced some amazing designers from the Middle East and Europe with an eclectic collection encompassing swimwear to fur coats! This is Dubai after all where anything is possible.

The designers list is as follows:

  • Lady Jean – classic dresses
  • KwR – New Adrenaline range
  • SIN – Jackets and coats
  • Boho Ibiza – Gypsy inspired kaftans
  • Hana Hani – Clutch bags
  • Saray Couture – Funky turbans
  • AAVVA – Garments and scarfs inspired by Barbarella
  • Enjoy a T-Shirt – New t-shirt collection from Italy
  • Shine by Sophia – Shoulder furs from Finland
  • Valimare – Beachwear by UK designers made in Italy
  • Francesca Bassi – Fancy silk scarves made in Italy (Como)
  • Lavaliere – Colourful clutch bags made in Dubai
  • Forever Young – Garments, shoes, bags and baby clothes made in Lebanon
  • Princess Accessories – Thermo nail polish

For the gents we have:

  • Enjoy a T-shirt – New T-shirt collection
  • Haikure – Eco friendly jeans and trousers
  • 3ASRII – A new take on the traditional kandura

We will also be providing a demonstration of thermo nail varnish by Princess Accessories.  This is a temperature affected nail varnish that changes colour dependant on the body temperature of the person wearing it! We hope to have real fun with this.

The event is taking place on the 13th November 2013 at our store in Jumeirah 1, Dubai from 7pm till midnight.

We look forward to seeing many of our regular customers, and hopefully a host of new faces, on the night.

Stay fashionable

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Saray Couture Arrives at O-Concept Store Dubai

This week we are delighted to announce the arrival of Saray Couture to O-Concept Store.

Unique, stylish, handmade accessories and turbans for all ages influenced by eastern and western fashion is the simplest way to explain the Saray brand.  The name “Saray” unites both the names of the founders Sara and Aytan and it also means castle in Azerbaijani, which is their native language. The brand is based in Dubai however products are sold in several shops in Dubai, online and will be coming soon to Azerbaijan.

The influence

Saray represents the origin of the founders who come from Azerbaijan (the cusp of Europe and Asia) the concept being to unite Western and Eastern fashion with an appeal to target different geographical locations.  Influences for Saray come from Arabia’s rich heritage and western vintage style. The founders of Saray always admired how gracious and sophisticated the turbans looked on the great people who have worn, and still wear them, such as Sheikha Mozah HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned of Qatar, Elizabeth Tailor and Barbara Streisand.

Since fashion is an endless cycle that keeps on coming back and forth Saray create their products with influences taken from both old and modern fashions. Turbans were, are, and always will be fashionable, and accessories are necessary to complete any look.  Saray’s accessories reflect the girls imaginations and each piece is uniquely hand crafted by the design duo.

The brand started as a part-time hobby, and the ethos was to match colours and make unique, beautiful accessories. These accessories were designed to accentuate rather than overpower an individual wearers outfit.  Following on from their success with accessories the girls expanded their range to include turbans. The turbans are designed to cater to a plethora of tastes and Saray has innovated various colors and textiles in turban couture which makes them stand out.  Furthermore Saray’s logo symbolizes the meaning of the names of the founders, Aytan’s name means crescent in Azeri and Sara means princess, for this reason their logo expresses a crescent wearing a crown.

About the Sisters

Sara has always been known as the glamorous socialite in Azerbaijan and she was born on the 29th April 1988. She has a degree in international relations from the Western University of Azerbaijan.  She loves shopping, travelling, cooking and has a great eye for detail and impeccable style which compelled her to pursue her own fashion label with her younger sister.  Her plan is to diversify her flourishing brand, taking it to new heights.

Aytan is a fashion forward stylista born on the 22nd August 1990.  Azerbaijani by origin, but raised in Dubai, she has a multicultural background which drove her interest in learning various foreign languages. Her hobbies include writing poems, drawing, painting, travelling and reading books.   Aytan is also a graduate of Herriot Watt University, where she studied business.  Following her graduation she decided to follow her passion for fashion and establish a fashion label with her elder sister. Aytans signature pieces reflect femininity and glamour.

Turbans by Saray Couture at O-Concept Store

Turbans by Saray Couture at O-Concept Store

Purple Turban by Saray Couture.

Purple Turban by Saray Couture.